Welcome to Swagman!

Welcome to the SUCCESS PORTAL!! 

SwagmanVegas.com is a division of North Star Multimedia, a Las Vegas based multimedia marketing company.  We are competitive, creative and committed to under-commit and over-deliver.

Swagman LogoWe have access to 100,000's of products with end-column pricing.  We also offer highly competitive printing services that include business cards, stationary, postcards, banners, stickers, door hangers and much more.

You might have an upcoming convention located here in Las Vegas.  We can save you the hassles of shipping but having your product drop-shipped to us in a secure location and delivered the day of your event.

If your requirement is at least $500, we can help you with exceptional pricing and our vendors work very hard to ensure a quick turnaround on delivery.  We do not carry ANY inventory.

If you want to place an order on this website, you must create a username and login FIRST.  Once you place your order, we will receive a copy of the order and connect with you to discuss artwork, etc.